Floorplan Examples

Here you can see the difference between our Matterport created or Zillow created floorplans. The Matterport floorplans are better and more detailed. The Zillow floorplans are decent and cheaper. All floorplans are delivered within 24-48 hours (see terms and conditions when ordering for more details). You will notice these floorplans do not come with total sq. ft. That is because measuring from the interior always produces smaller sq. ft. totals then measuring from the outside (appraisers typically measure from the outside). However, these floorplans do give you the interior dimensions and you can extrapolate a total estimate from that if desired. The floorplan examples below are from the same homes (2) so you can get an apples to apples comparison.

Matterport Floorplan Examples (2)

Zillow Floorplan Examples (2)